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California Gymnastic Services will provide a free demonstration class to introduce our program to you, your school, and your parents and students.  We can set up a day and time to visit your school that is convenient for both you and your parents.

During the demonstration class, all students are welcome to participate and parents are encouraged to watch.  We can have one or more classes (usually a half hour in length) so that all children are able to participate.  We will provide you with information packets for your parents informing them about the demonstration class and our program.

​For more information regarding our program or to set up a demonstration class, call us at 510-502-8541 or email us at : .

How to Enroll your Child into Our Program 

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California Gymnastic Services         P.O. Box 23374, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523         510-502-8541  

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How to Incorporate our Program into Your School