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How to Enroll your Child into Our Program 

California Gymnastic Services         P.O. Box 23374, Pleasant Hill, CA  94523         510-502-8541  

How to Incorporate our Program into Your School

California Gymnastic Services offer classes comprised of a variety of activities which are customized to your children’s age and skill level.

Programs are available to fit your school's schedule for Boys and Girls ages 2 through 8

​The staff members are specifically trained in gymnastic technique, spotting, and child development.  Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors allow each student to advance at his or her own pace in a fun, non-competitive, learning environment.  Because safety is our top priority, all staff members are fingerprinted, and have TB and all other required immunizations.

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Preschool Gymnastics

This class is designed for children between the ages of 2 through 5 years.  This class teaches beginning gymnastics and tumbling skills.  Students will flip over the opportunity to learn the basics of all gymnastic events, as well as additional skills to enhance strength, coordination, agility, and confidence.  Equipment incorporated into the class includes gymnastic mats, single bars, double bars, balance beams, vaulting blocks, incline and barrel mats, ladders, bouncers and spring board, parachutes, rhythm sticks, tunnels, and various other equipment.    

School Age Gymnastics

This class is designed for children between the ages of 5 through 8. This class teaches tumbling & gymnastic skills. This class teaches beginning and intermediate gymnastics and tumbling skills and is designed to develop strength, flexibility, agility, and confidence in a fun, non-competitive environment. Students learn the basics of all gymnastic events including tumbling, vaulting skills, bars and balance beams. Students are also introduced to strength and flexibility exercises with fun and challenging games.  Emphasis is on strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility and coordination.